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El Torro French Bulldogs - Prospective Owner Questionnaire

It is always our goal to find the “perfect” home for our puppies and retired adults. In order to do so, we would like to ask you a few questions.  Please complete this questionnaire and send to us.  We will respond as quickly as possible to discuss if there is a puppy or adult for you.  Please remember that French Bulldogs are not for everyone.  Doing your homework first about the breed is essential in your search for the right dog for you.  Please also do your homework regarding French Bulldog Breeders.  Only deal with Breeders who want to know “all about you” prior to discussing the availability let alone purchase of a puppy or adult.  Treat the purchase of your French Bulldog as a very serious business transaction which involves extensive time, committment, and energy.  Doing your homework first will save you from needless heartache and headaches.  Thank you for your time and efforts in completing the El Torro French Bulldogs Questionnaire.

All About You: All About Your Home: Own Home Rental Home Townhouse Condo Apartment A fenced-in yard A pool Natural water source in immediate vicinity of residence: pond, lake, stream, river Air conditioning All About Your Other Pets: All About Your Decision to Own a French Bulldog: Internet French Bulldog Club of America Website Other French Bulldog owners Conversation with Breeders American Kennel Club Website Health issues related to dwarfism Heat intolerance Inability to Swim Airway and breathing issues Spinal Anomalies Disc Disease Corneal Ulcerations Brachycephalic Syndrome All About Your Frenchie Wishlist: Puppy (16 weeks to 24 weeks) Juvenile/Puppy (6 months to 1 year) Young Adult (1 to 2 years) Adult Brindle Fawn Black Mask Fawn Brindle Pied No Preference Male Female No Preference Additional Comments or Questions: Thank you for completing this questionnaire.  Before submitting your answers please print this page so that you will have a copy of them.  Then press submit and your answers will be emailed to El Torro French Bulldogs.  You will be contacted in a timely fashion upon review of your questionnaire.